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The largest welding guns in the world

At our company, we are dedicated to resistance welding, working with the best experts in the field, constantly educating employees and following trends with an emphasis on innovation. The company has been working in the field of welding since 1969, producing the industrial spot, projection and seam welding machines. The company is situated in the city of Polzela (Slovenia, European Union). Now, the second generation of the family is in the lead of the company. New machines produced in the company are a composition of high-quality machine components precisely produced with the newest technology of welding controllers and also multi welding machines and robot-controlled machine services.

,,Our primary consideration is the highest quality for a favorable price with a personal approach. Every project is custom-made to satisfy costumer’s needs,” says Jožef Kočevar jr, the manager of the company.

During these years we have become a well-known company specialized in the production of a vast range of resistance welding machines: spot, projection and seam, single-phase AC linear action, DC three-phase linear action and MFDC medium frequency linear action welding machines. We produce also robotic spot and seam welding guns, rocker-arm pedestal spot welders, multi-spot projection welding machines, resistance welding automation, resistance welding consumables (electrode caps, shanks, laminated shunts, etc.) and measuring equipment.

In 2013 company Kocevar d.o.o. has developed, together with the end-customer and company IGM Robotersysteme, custom robotic resistance welding guns, designed for welding components of passenger train coaches. We have developed innovative solutions to the structural problems that arise in the production of such a large product. According to the combination of their own weight, welding force and throat lenght, the mentioned welding guns are considered to be the largest in the world.

,,Without using Solidworks simulation and optimization, we would not be able to complete the project,” mentioned Jožef Kočevar jr.

The greatest challenge in constructing the largest welding guns in the world was how to reduce the weight of the guns and optimize load capacity. We used Solidworks to calculate and then simulate every component of the welding guns using the method of the final element. Reducing the weight of the welding guns was the toughest task. Solidworks SimulationXpress was used to check the weight of every element and reduce it by optimizing the shape and using the lightest materials.

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