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Specially designed spot welding machine for waterproof joining of sink-basin into a custom designed countertop.

  • Time savings: welding finished in 120 seconds per average sized sink.
  • Superb welding quality. Product without any deformation and bending in the sheet metal.
  • Quick investment turnover.
  • Simple operation.
  • No qualified work force needed (only one worker needed).
  • Watertight welding.
  • Rotation of the countertop is not needed.
  • No limits for the counter dimensions.
  • No need for CNC-PLC programming.
  • Automatic guidance according to the basin-sink shape.
  • Cooling water can be recycled.
  • Patented technology.

Our machine offers fast, easy and cost-effective, watertight welding of inox sinks and drainers into inox counters and worktops. It is suitable for welding stainless steel sinks, bowls, fryers, basins of all shapes and sizes into kitchen countertops, worktops and drainers to use in gastronomy (HORECA) and medicine.

Choosing spot welding over gas Tungsten arc welding (TIG) or seam welding, enables our customers more flexibility in designing and production of their worktops, since “Kocevar Sink Welder” offers higher speeds, higher quality and less deformation than Tungsten arc welding (TIG). Although spot welding is slower than seam welding, our machine does not require any special copper counter electrodes as seam welding does. The result is a seam-like weld, which is waterproof, but does not cause any deformation in the sheet metal.

We offer innovative guiding tables, placed under the countertop, for easy handling and to support the weight of larger countertops, so that only one unqualified worker is needed. The worker does not need to rotate the countertop or program the machine, because the machine follows the shape of the sink-bowl automatically. Therefore any shape of the sink-bowl can be welded-in without any machine setting up or CNC programming.

We care about our planet and that is why the cooling water is recyclable.
All of our innovative solutions are patented.

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