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Design characteristics

The foot-driven stable spot welding machines type R-81 are used whenever a fast and flexible production is required, without long lasting preparations and adjustments. Simply »run by, set foot on the spot welder and weld«.

Arched, shearing electrodes movemen, retractable electrode arms, diameter 50mm, length 1000mm, LC version: diameter 40mm, lenght 800mm, foot-driven. Electrode opening 50 mm, exact and fast welding force setting using hand setting wheel. The complete spot welder bearing has been carried out by means of the teflon-sinter sliding bearings.

Versions and modifications

The transformers are pressed into glass-plastic and vacuum-encapsulated. They are distinguished for high-resistance to short circuits and high dielectric strength They have been tested at the breakdown voltage of 4000V. Into the R-81 family machines the transformers with power of 15/72 kVA are built-in.

  • water-cooled electrodes and transformer,
  • water-cooled arms – alternat,
  • electronic control of the cooling water flow – automatic machine stoppage – altern,
  • visual control of the cooling water flow – alternat,
  • visual and electronic control of the water flow – alternat.

The patented special water connections make possible to use the electrode holder along its entire length. Ease of operation. Simple control of the welding force using the setting wheel. Installation of the electrode holder inclined or vertically. Dierect welding of copper up to 0,6 + 0,6 mm (for small-scale productionthe standard version of the machine + special electrodes will do). Welding of aluminium sheet metal up to 1 + 1 mm (for small-scale productions the standard version of the machine will do).