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The largest robotic resistance welding guns for welding railway coaches in the world.

  • The largest spot welding guns in the world.
  • Extreme gun arm length to weight ratio.
  • MFDC welding technology (medium frequency direct current).
  • Superb welding quality for manufacturing non-paintable coaches.
  • Integrated machine vision.
  • Patented technology.

Custom robotic resistance welding guns are designed for spot welding components of railway coaches. Our welding guns are being used to weld side walls, floor panels, roofs and front walls for passenger coach, high-speed trains, suburban trains, underground (metro and subway) and tram cars. The welding guns are also being used in other automated and robot-assisted industries, where products of larger dimensions, with sheet material thickness of up to 6 + 6 mm, are produced.

We have developed innovative solutions to the structural problems that arise in the production of such a large product. Namely, according to the combination of their weight, welding force and gun arm’s-length these welding guns are considered to be the largest in the world.

Welding roof and sidewall with MFDC (Medium Frequency Direct Current) welding technology is a cost-effective way to manufacture technologically upgraded stainless steel LHB coaches. Because of the quality of the weld, painting of the inox sheet material is not needed.

All of our machines are available in AC and MFDC, with pneumatic or servo actuators. We cooperate with the world top manufacturers of welding controls. A variety of options is available (linear sensor, electronic control of the welding force, water flow control, welding current sensor, remote control, etc…)

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