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Design characteristics
  • The essembly of the robot gun is made of very strong thermally processed and aged aluminium plates which are manufactured on modern CNC-controlled machining tools. Inportant fot the robot welding gun is reduction of weight, because the robot mechanism in production process has to support a small mass during acceleration and breaking: this allows his high working speeds, and so-called remote areas can still be reached.
  • The wear and mushroom formation of electrodes during the necessary movements before the welding starts up is, thanks to the servo motor with controlled descending movement, also substantially reduced.
  • The complete base unit is attached on the welding transformer chassis and designed in principle so, that the transformer does not serve for the transmission of mechanical forces, therefore it can be quickly exchanged.
  • Welding tools which should work on robot systems are subject to other boundary conditions in comparison with the conventional machine guns.
  • Low-wear and richly dimensioned slide system, sealed against splashes, guarantee high endurance and small maintenance intervals.
  • The gun is provided with interfaces for welding control, compressed air and water-cooling. Transformer, secondary connections, valves and sensing devices are integrated.
  • The electrode force with 500 mm throat depth, with our universal water-cooled servo-motor drive, and already with regulated 10 Nm torque is 1200 daN.
  • The robot hand can be mounted using a flange behind or beside the gun. The flange geometry has to be adapted onto the robot.
  • Zero setting of the gun can be adjusted using spring compensation depending on the varying individual masses.
  • The acceleration and slowing-down in working and return strokes with X and C-gun is, because of servo-assisted drive, continuously adjustable and teherefore timesaving in the welding process.