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Keeping up with the trends and innovations with IB-Caddy

At KOCEVAR d.o.o. company, we are dedicated to resistance welding. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with other people and as such, we often participate in different events. Our manager, Jožef Kočevar Jr. participated in IB Caddy Summit and gave a lecture on using Solidworks at our company to design our products and to solve structural issues that arise along the way. New machines produced in the company are a composition of high-quality machine components precisely produced with the newest technology of welding controllers. To achieve the best result it is important to use good software with quality support as well.

Jožef Kočevar spoke about how we work with Solidworks at our company, using the largest welding guns as an example. We have developed, together with our end-customer, custom robotic resistance welding guns, designed for joining components of passenger train coaches. We have developed innovative solutions to the structural problems that arise in the production of such a large product. Namely, according to the combination of their own weight, welding force and gun throat length, the mentioned welding guns are considered to be the largest in the world.

The greatest challenge in constructing the largest welding guns in the world was how to reduce the weight of the guns and optimize load capacity. We used SOLIDWORKS to calculate and then simulate every component of the welding guns using the finite elements method. Reducing the weight of the welding guns was the toughest task. SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress was used to check the weight of every element and reduce it by optimizing the shape and using the lightest materials.

”Without using SOLIDWORKS with all its capabilities, we would not be able to complete the project,” mentioned Jožef Kočevar jr.

It was a great pleasure to meet users of Solidworks, to hear all the novelties and exchange examples of good practices. We are looking forward to the next IB Caddy Summit.

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