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Why choose us as your partner?
  • 50+ years of experience in Resistance Welding
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Best Quality to price ratio
  • SolidWorks user for more than 20 years
  • E-plan user for more than 10 years
  • Certificate ISO 9001
  • European CE conformity
Advantages of our welding systems:
  • Stable and rigid steel frame
  • Intensively water–cooled secondary circuit and welding transformer
  • Linear welding head double ball bearing guide
  • Welding head without the excess of mass
  • FRT – MFDC inverter technology developed in 2017
  • Remote access to the machine for easy setting up and maintenance
  • Top welding controllers available on the market
Design characteristics:
  • Precision welding force setting min 10 daN – max 2950 daN
  • Overload monitoring of diodes, thyristores and transformers
  • Color according to desire
  • Vacuum encapsulated transformers
  • Cylinders in several versions
  • Welding transformers power up to 1000 kVA / 50% ED

Industrial Projection Welders are a great solution in the field of resistance welding technology to use in different industries, such as Gastronomy, Medicine, Railway and Automotive industry, Lock industry, White goods industry, Mesh and Fence industry and Electronic industry.

To defy the harsh industrial environment, the steel frame is very stable and rigid, produced in the desired color. Our machine enables multiple purposes: from micro to macro welding in just a few minutes, on the same machine.

All of our machines are available in AC and MFDC, with pneumatic or servo actuators. We cooperate with the world top manufacturers of welding controls. A variety of options is available (linear sensor, electronic control of the welding force, water flow control, welding current sensor, remote control, etc.).

Standard equipment:
  • Pneumatic manometer.
  • Height adjustment of the lover welding table with spindle and ratchet.
  • Built-in welding spot counter.
  • Overload monitoring of diodes, thyristors and transformers.
  • Pneumatic cylinder with adjustable approach hub and work hub.
  • OFF valve for electrode adjustment.
  • Flow sensor for cooling water.
  • Support bar for a lower table
  • Servo Welding actuator
  • Proportional valve
  • HMI (Siemens or other) human-machine interface
  • PLC (Siemens or other) programmable logical controller
  • Remote access to the machine for easy setting up and maintaining
  • Rugowsky Welding current Sensor
  • Welding voltage sensor
  • Welding force sensor
  • Both hand safety start
  • Twin foot pedal
  • Adjustable working table with bristles
  • Cooling water distributor with flow sensors on each circuit
  • Filter for cooling water
  • De-mineralization system for cooling water
  • Lexan cover with lock for welding controller
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