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At KOCEVAR d.o.o. company, we are dedicated to resistance welding, employing the best experts in the field of resistance welding, constantly educating our team and following trends with emphasis on innovation. The company has been working in the field of welding since 1969, producing the industrial resistance spot, projection, seam and micro-spot welding machines. Our company is situated in the city of Polzela (Slovenia, European Union). Now, the second generation of the family is involved in the company.

During these years we have become a well-known company specialized in the production of a vast range of resistance welding machines briefly listed below:

  • spot, projection and seam welding machines
  • single-phase AC linear action welding machines
  • DC three-phase linear action welding machines
  • MFDC medium frequency linear action welding machines
  • robotic spot and seam welding guns
  • rocker-arm pedestal spot welders
  • multi spot/ projection welding machines
  • resistance welding automation
  • resistance welding consumables (electrode caps, shanks, laminated shunts, etc.)
  • resistance welding spare parts (transformers, controllers, pneumatic cylinders, etc.)
  • measuring equipment

We’re passionate about the future and looking forward to working with you!


The company KOČEVAR d.o.o., with the original name ELEKTROMEHANIKA – VARILNA TEHNIKA, was founded in the year of 1969, when a perspective engineer Mr. Jože Kočevar, with a small investment began with the development and production of welding power supplies.

The Yugoslavian market required large quantities of arc welding and resistance welding machines, so the company grew at a fast rate. By the end of the decade, the privately owned company had 25 employees and was expanding its range of products.

From 1984 onwards the company began manufacturing its first machine for micro-spot capacitor discharge welding. Our machines for micro resistance welding were being perfected in functionality and user friendliness from year to year.

After 1990’s, our company, named KOČEVAR & THERMOTRON at the time, turned to the European markets. From the mass oriented production we turned to tailor made machines and solutions with a greater focus on quality. Our design team developed our first machine for transversal and longitudinal seam welding and later a machine for butt and flash-butt welding. Beside the standard production, we began producing custom pedestal resistance welding machines and seam welding machines for our clients with specific requirements.

In the new millennium our developing department was focusing especially on safety at work with our projection and seam welding machines. Later an automotive grade resistance pedestal welders where introduced to OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers. These two were to be our trademark in the next century as the second generation of the family takes the lead of the company.

Newly developed machines, engineered and produced by company KOČEVAR d.o.o. are composed of high quality components, precisely produced using the newest technology and innovative solutions. Following trends in the railway industry, our team developed custom lightweight robot welding guns with a large arm length and high welding force. Our welding machines are Industry 4.0 compatible and ready for Welding Automation.

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